R package providing modules to add authentication and user permissions to shinyapps.

A whirlwind tour of working with data in R

Slides presenting an introduction to R for data analysis from importing through to visualisation and communication.

UK Crime Mapping Tool

Interface to the UK Police crime database.

The Colours of the Electorate

Web-app that visualises the density of electoral votes for each party in 2017 and 2015 General Elections as well as the EU Referendum.

21 Recipes for Mining Twitter Data with rtweet

Contributed a chapter on visualising intersecting twitter follower sets for Bob Rudis’ online-resource.

Crypto-Currency Tracker

Tracker tool that scrapes hourly bitcoin and ethereum coin prices and allows for personalised metrics with user inputs.

Culture of Insight Showcase App

Promotional shiny web-application to market the capabilities and services offered by Culture of Insight

Paul Campbell
R | Data | Visualisation